How To – Check IDs


As an ID checker, you are responsible for checking the ID of people to ensure they are at least 21 years of age (the legal drinking age in Indiana) and then putting a wristband on them if they are old enough to drink alcohol.

Skills Required

  • Be attentive to details (i.e., dates on driver’s licenses).
  • Be friendly, kind, and helpful to all people.
  • Be careful and courteous when helping to put wristbands on people.


  • Stop people (by using your words only) from entering the alcohol serving area at the entrance if they are not wearing the required wristband.
  • If someone wants to come into the Alcohol Serving Area and doesn’t have a wristband on, you need to:
    1. Ask to see that person’s driver’s license.
    2. Review the date on their driver’s license to ensure that they are old enough to drink alcohol (are at least 21 years of age).
    3. If they are old enough to drink alcohol, then place the required wristband on that person’s arm of choice.
    4. Welcome them into the Alcohol Serving Area.
  • If a person ignores your verbal warning about entering the Alcohol Serving Area, do not under any circumstances attempt to physically stop that person. Instead, alert MCMA staff immediately as to who is violating this requirement so that MCMA staff and police can address that person directly.