How To – Sell Beer Garden Tickets


As a ticket seller, it is your responsibility to complete cash transactions with event patrons to sell beer garden tickets. The patrons buy beer garden tickets and then later exchange those tickets for beer.


Skills Required

  • Great math skills to quickly calculate how much a set number of tickets will cost.
  • Great math skills to make change for people when they use cash to buy tickets.
  • Good communication skills to engage with patrons and MCMA staff.



  • When a patron asks to buy tickets, you need to:
    1. Ask them how many tickets they want.
    2. Tell them how much that number of tickets will cost them (each ticket costs $5) and that ticket purchases are “cash-only” (no credit card purchases are permitted)
    3. Take their cash and give them any cash back that is more than what is required for their desired number of tickets.
    4. Then, as a final step, provide the patron with the number of tickets they purchased.
  • Monitor cash reserves and request additional funds from MCMA staff when required.
  • Keep MCMA staff up to date on the business and current activities at the Ticket Sales tent.
  • If a patron asks if there is an ATM nearby where they can get cash, tell them “There is an ATM at Horizon Bank on Washington Street.”