What is Mainstreet?

What is Michigan City Mainstreet Association?

Michigan City Mainstreet Association (MCMA) is a 501(c)(4), non-profit, social welfare organization dedicated to improving the quality of Michigan City’s Uptown Arts District (UAD) (shown at right) located in the heart of the City’s downtown. We are the only non-profit organization in Michigan City that is a registered Indiana Mainstreet Program, and through this designation, we strive to create a city center that is a great place to live, work, play, and invest.


What Does Mainstreet Do?

Perception of Downtown

We strive to improve not only the quality of the UAD, but also the perception of Michigan City through promotional efforts focused on the downtown. To that same effect, we host many unique, exciting, annual events throughout the year, namely the Shelf Ice Brewfest, Swale Music Festival, Taste of Michigan City, Flame & Flare Halloween Festival, First Friday Summer Series, and other smaller events.

Economy of Downtown

We encourage diversity of the economic base to create a healthy, complete downtown economy that will stand on its own, but also will create an environment that will attract new, needed businesses to the city center. We encourage and coordinate local businesses to work together to self-promote and we highlight exciting and remarkable achievements of businesses in the UAD and the various service options that are available.

Design of Downtown

MCMA is focused on improving the appearance and functionality of the downtown as well. We look at the design of the downtown and petition and lobby responsible governmental bodies to create needed improvements and additions such as lighting, signage, way finding, seating, sidewalks, streets, planters, properties and building facades, parks, and more. We do this by paying special attention to ongoing and future projects in the area and recommending design elements to governmental bodies responsible for tax dollar use


Everything that we do is through volunteers. Our Board of Directors is comprised of 12 volunteers. All of our committees are run with volunteers. All of our profits, by law, go back into our events and efforts. We are completely self-sustaining, as we receive no ongoing funding from other entities or organizations. We rely on profits from our events and on generous financial support from our members, sponsors, and supporters like you.

Who is Mainstreet?

If you would like to learn about our various committees and how to participate on them, please send us a message.

To reach the Michigan City Mainstreet Association, please go to our contact page here.

Why Should I Become a Member of Mainstreet?


  • Becoming a member of Mainstreet signifies that you support the goals and efforts of the organization and you are a part of positive change for the downtown. It is an investment in the health and success of our downtown core and, through a rippling effect, the city at large.
  • It gives you a real voice in important matters concerning our downtown. You are entitled to vote in our elections and being a member is the only way to become a member of our board of directors (if you wanted to really step up your volunteerism game 😉 ).
  • You become a part of a larger, tightly-nit community of other passionate volunteers that are making our town the best it can be, and this is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors and fellow citizens!
  • With membership, you also gain access to our member portal which contains all of our meeting minutes so you can stay up to date when you can’t make a meeting, and we provide other valuable resources in the portal which will help you find available financial grants that can help your business grow and improve.
  • Finally, we occasionally will have special members-only social gatherings with free food and drink. It’s a good time, we promise.


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