What is Mainstreet?

What is Michigan City Mainstreet Association?

Michigan City Mainstreet Association (MCMA) is a 501(c)(4), non-profit, social welfare organization dedicated to improving the quality of Michigan City’s Uptown Arts District (UAD) (shown at right) located in the heart of the City’s downtown. We are the only non-profit organization in Michigan City that is a registered Indiana Mainstreet Program, and through this designation, we strive to create a city center that is a great place to live, work, play, and invest.


Who is Mainstreet?

MCMA is governed by a board of directors comprised of 12 directors. The board manages, sets policies and guidelines for, and oversees the management of MCMA. The board also control’s MCMA’s property and is responsible for its finances. Board director seats are three-year terms. Four directors are elected each year. Any member of MCMA is eligible to be elected as a director provided they have attended two board meetings within 6 months prior to the election. Directors are not compensated for their services as directors. 

If you would like to learn more about joining the board of directors, please contact us by visiting our contact page here

MCMA Board of Directors (2023)

Arturo Pozos, President

Shane Watson, Vice President

Justin Post, Treasurer

Jeremy Rossi, Secretary

Josh Crosby

Lisa Wood Corey

Johnny Stimley

Ryan Laughlin

Vacant Seat (1)

Vacant Seat (2)

Vacant Seat (3)

Vacant Seat (4)

To reach the Michigan City Mainstreet Association, please go to our contact page