Blade Sign Grant (NOT Active in 2022)


  1. Review this Toolkit.
  2. Work with a sign contractor to develop your sign design. Obtain drawing of proposed sign
  3. Obtain two bids for the fabrication and installation of your sign.
  4. Go before the Historic Board with your sign design and Certificate of Appropriateness Application for approval on the fourth Monday of the month at 7pm in the Mayor’s Conference Room at City Hall.
  5. Fill out Michigan City Sign Permit Application. Submit Sign Permit Application and proof of approval from the Historic Review Board to the Planning Department for final approval. Pay permit fees.
  6. Once all approvals are in order. Release contract for fabrication and installation of your blade sign.
  7. Provide MCMA with an itemized electronic paid invoice and supporting documents for reimbursement of 50% of sign cost and installation. include the following:
  • Two itemized bids for sign fabrication and installation.
  • Approved Michigan City Sign Permit Application.
  • Approved Certificate of Appropriateness from the Historic
  • Review Board, if applicable.
  • Completed MCMA Blade Sign Grant Application.
  • Electronic version of Indiana Retail Merchant Certificate.
  • Paid Invoice from contracted sign fabricator.


Michigan City Sign Ordinance

Beacon zoning information and site plan

Michigan City Sign Placement Permit

Michigan City Planning and Redevelopment Department

Michigan City Historic Review Board Certificate of Appropriateness Application

Michigan City Historic Review Board

Historic Districts Map






In keeping with our mission of beautifying the district and driving traffic to local businesses, The Michigan City Mainstreet Association has created this document to assist the merchants and businesses in the Uptown Arts District to apply for a grant for a blade sign. In this document you will find design examples that reflect the quality of blade sign that would be appropriate for the Uptown Arts District. Examples reflect simple, yet thoughtful designs and more complex designs to enhance your retail or business brand.

This toolkit includes a grant application, City Sign Regulations, sign permit
application and suggested sign contractors.


Your business must:

• Be located within the boundaries of the Uptown Arts District (refer to map HERE.)
• Provide written authorization from property owner.
• Provide a copy of your Indiana Retail Merchant Certificate.
• Complete and submit a grant application and all documents listed to the right to Michigan City Mainstreet Associaiton.
As a reminder, please do not approve fabrication of a sign for your business until you have been approved by the Historic Board, your sign permit approved, permit fees paid and your grant has been approved by Michigan City Mainstreet Association.

Terms of the MCMA Blade Grant

• Your business must provide two itemized bids from licensed and insured sign contractors.
• MCMA will reimburse 50% up to a maximum of $1,000 for the fabrication and installation of an approved blade sign.
• Excluded expenses from the grant are logo and design development for the sign.

    Application & Administration of Grant

    Applicants must fill out the online application here and the application must be submitted and received by MCMA no less than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled performance date. After MCMA receives your application, a response email will be sent informing you of whether or not the application is approved. Do not assume you will be awarded the grant money just because you submitted an application; you must first receive a confirmation email from the MCMA President stating that you have been awarded the grant.

    Award of grant funds will only be given after MCMA has received a digital picture of the signed, dated check made payable to the sign contractor or proof of a paid invoice. Payment to a contractor using cash is not permitted and no reimbursement will be given for such transactions. 

    Any questions regarding this grant can also be sent to