2019 Live Music Grant

Apply for Grant!

The following bands have been known to play in the UAD and are great options for you to consider if you are a venue looking to participate:

Katthouse – Acoustic Duo

The Gateway Rugs – 4-5 Piece Rock Cover Band

Peter Nye Music – Indie, Folk Solo Acoustic with Guests

Victory Garden – Rock, electroacoustic

Mo’ Beat Blues – Blues & Soul, Duo, Harmonica

Hutch – Acoustic Blues – Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica (219-762-5370)


If you are a musical performer who wishes to perform in the UAD and wish to be listed here, please send us an email with a link to your facebook page to musicgrant@uptownartsdistrict.org




Music is a universal language that also has a unique ability to tap into human creativity and spirituality and ultimately bring people together. Unfortunately, due to the financial cost of hosting a live band or other musical artists, many restaurants and bars in the UAD do not regularly host them. To address this problem, MCMA is now offering our Live Music Grant which will financially incentivize and help restaurants and bars and other venues in the UAD to host musical acts all throughout the year.


  • MCMA will grant up to $200 to any eligible applicant each month to help offset that applicant’s costs for the live music. No matching funds are required. If your performer costs $200, we’ll cover it all!
  • Each month, $600 will be available and these funds will not roll over each month.
  • The grant can be utilized for any performances that will occur between 5:00 PM until midnight on Monday through Friday and at any time over the weekend.

Applicant Eligibility

Eligible applicants must be based within the UAD and host the musical act at a venue within the UAD that they have rights to use.

Additional Conditions & Requirements

  1. Applicants cannot apply for more than one grant per month.
  2. Applicants will not be reimbursed for hosting the same musical act more than twice per year.
  3. All musical performances must be readily accessible by the public and must be free admission.
  4. The intent of the grant is to spread music throughout the District to a variety of venues, and therefore, priority will be given to new applicants and venues and live, original music.
  5. MCMA members applying for a grant will be given priority over non-members.
  6. MCMA reserves all rights approve or reject any and all applicants at the discretion of the organization, and MCMA members applying.

Application & Administration of Grant

Applicants must fill out the online application here and the application must be submitted and received by MCMA no less than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled performance date. After MCMA receives your application, a response email will be sent informing you of whether or not the application is approved. Do not assume you will be awarded the grant money just because you submitted an application; you must first receive a confirmation email from the MCMA President stating that you have been awarded the grant.

Award of grant funds will only be given after MCMA has received a digital picture of the signed, dated check made payable to the performing band and endorsed by the performing band. Payment to a band or artist using cash is not permitted and no reimbursement will be given for such transactions. After the performance, a clear and legible picture of the endorsed check must be emailed to MusicGrant@MichiganCityMainstreetAssociation.org, and only then, will a check for reimbursement be mailed to the applicant.

Any questions regarding this grant can also be sent to MusicGrant@MichiganCityMainstreetAssociation.org