2018 Third Thursday Music Night Grant

Apply for Grant!


The following bands have been known to play in the UAD and are great options for you to consider if you are a venue looking to participate:

Katthouse – Acoustic Duo

The Gateway Rugs – 4-5 Piece Rock Cover Band

Peter Nye Music – Indie, Folk Solo Acoustic with Guests

Victory Garden – Rock, electroacoustic

Mo’ Beat Blues – Blues & Soul, Duo, Harmonica


If you are a musical performer who wishes to perform in the UAD and wish to be listed here, please send us an email with a link to your facebook page to musicgrant@uptownartsdistrict.org




A primary goal of the Michigan City Mainstreet Association is to make the Uptown Arts District, Michigan City’s downtown, a vibrant center of the community and the hub of economic activity for Michigan City at large. We strive to change negative perceptions about the downtown by highlighting our cultural traditions and arts, important architecture and history, and community engaging activities and events with hopes that this will rekindle the vitality of our community and engender a sense of pride in the residents.

The First Friday Art Walk taps into the visceral allure of visual arts to draw large, diverse crowds into the UAD on a regular basis throughout the year. This increased foot traffic helps to bolster businesses and increase awareness of our downtown businesses, attendance once a , it exposes residents and visitors alike to the many new offerings and improvements in the downtown, and it creates a lively, communal gathering place where members of the community can interact.

Similar to the visual arts, music is a universal language that also has a unique ability to tap into human creativity and spirituality and ultimately bring people together. Unfortunately, due to the financial cost of hosting a band or other musical artist, many restaurants and bars in the UAD do not regularly host them. To address this problem, the Mainstreet Music Night Grant will financially incentivize restaurants and bars and other businesses in the UAD to host musical acts once a month during the new Third Thursday Music Night event.


On the third Thursday of each month, MCMA will offset the cost of hosting live music in the UAD. To do this, MCMA will reimburse eligible applicants 50% of the total cost of the musical act up to $150 per applicant ($200 per applicant for two bands) per month as funds allow. The total available grant funds per month will be $600. If all of the $600 for a given month is not used for that month, the remainder will spill over into the next month and be granted to applicants on a discretionary basis. In the event that fund for a given month should not be expended said funds, shall carry over to the next month. This money can, at the Board’s discretion, be applied to fund other musical events not held on the Third Thursday, that take place in the UAD. Third Thursdays will be made a priority and take precedent any other event held on any other night. Any funds not utilized at the end of the calendar year shall be utilized to fund musical acts in the UAD for the following year or be placed in the “rainy day fund” at the Board’s discretion.

Applicant Eligibility

Eligible applicants must be within the UAD and host the musical act at a venue within the UAD that they have rights to use.

Additional Conditions & Requirements

  1. Applicants will not be reimbursed for hosting the same musical act more than twice per year.
  2. Musical performances must not occur outside the hours of 5pm and midnight.
  3. All musical performances must be readily accessible by the public and must be free admission.

Application & Administration of Grant

Applicants must fill out the online application here prior to MCMA’s regularly scheduled board of directors meeting for the month prior to the anticipated performance. In other words, if you are seeking funding for a performer for the August Third Thursday, then we need to receive your application before the second Wednesday of July, which is the day of MCMA’s regularly scheduled board of directors meeting.

Award of grant funds will be given after MCMA has received a digital picture of the signed, dated check made payable to the performing band and endorsed by the performing band. Payment to a band or artist using cash is not permitted and no reimbursement will be given for such transactions.

MCMA reserves all rights to approve or reject any and all applicants at the discretion of the organization, and MCMA members applying for a grant will be given priority.

Any questions regarding this grant can also be sent to ThirdThursdayMusicNight@UptownArtsDistrict.org.